Always the best price – tailored to your order

Each job is different, a patent specification is not a promotional text. The type of text and level of difficulty often vary. Text passages that have already been translated and are available in a translation memory tool lower the price. 

That is why we do not automatically state our prices online, but take all factors into consideration for each order to get you the best quality at the lowest price.

Low prices thanks to analysis by translation memory tools (TMs)

Our free calculation of a translation offer tailored to your wishes is based on the number of words to be translated in the source language.

To get this figure, we analyze the size of your document.

With the aid of our translation memory tools (TMs), we check the file you have sent us word for word to find congruencies and repetitions. These congruencies are subtracted from the final price of the translation.

Of course, we also check for possible congruencies with earlier translations in the same language combination we may already have done for you to discover potential savings.


Data transmission secure, confidential, easy

Of course, we treat your data, requests and orders as confidential and give them the highest level of data security.

All internal and external employees and service providers sign a personal confidentiality agreement, a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” (NDA).

We no longer organize our data transfer in emails encrypted in PGP (pretty good privacy), because we have found a preferable transmission method that is easier and more flexible for you to use:

You can drag and drop your documents directly onto our own server by way of an SSL/TLS file management system that meets the international ISO 27001 standard (information security management system). Therefore, the transmission of your data on the internet is guaranteed to be encrypted with 256‑bit AES SSL. This works very well, especially for larger amounts of data, and is decidedly easier to deal with:

All you need is a common browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera or other. We will send you the web address of our server, your username, your password and a brief set of instructions.

Then you can use an encrypted connection to log onto a section of our server, reserved for you and inaccessible to third parties, where you can upload your data and later download the finished files.


Our work itself has always been more convincing than
all the words that might be said about it. For twenty years.

TM translations from other agencies can also lower costs.

If you already have error-free translations with comparable content done with the aid of a translation memory tool by another translation service, we would ask you to inform us of this and send the relevant TM file so we can make you as advantageous an offer as possible and adhere to your own preferred terminology.

No extra charge for rush jobs – guaranteed deadlines 

Our combination of an in-house team collaborating successfully with a pool of translators in various time zones built up over many years is an ideal structure for large files and translations that must be finished in a short time.

That is why we do not scale our prices according to delivery times. Even if a translation has to be done “at once” or overnight, we do not as a rule charge a special price. 

Almost anything is possible because we have translators on every continent with different working hours, all coordinated centrally by the project manager we have entrusted with your translation.

Please compare our offer with those of other agencies.

If you should have any questions or wishes pertaining to our offer, please talk to us about it. We will find a price to suit your order.

However, we do not offer lower rates based on inferior quality. The final control and proofing, including a check of the terminology, remain in the hands of our in-house team. 

Our clients appreciate our price-performance ratio.
You can look to us for the long term

Inquire early – less deadline pressure 

Deadline pressure is often caused by translations being seen as less important and only commissioned when all the other steps for completing a product are finished. Please take account of any necessary translations as early as possible in the course of project development.

Early collaboration – lower localization costs 

Incorporating the help of our translators, who are native speakers of the target languages and therefore at home in the respective cultures, early on facilitates localization and therefore the international usability of texts and products. This can also lower costs.

Mitsubishi, for instance, realized at an early stage that the name “Pajero” was not likely to promote sales in Spanish-speaking countries.

When developing a product, early collaboration with a native speaker from the target country, who is familiar with the respective culture, also facilitates later localization.

We want your product to be a success in the country of the target language.

Texts written directly in the desired target language save costs. 

When it appears reasonable for, say, advertising texts, our specialist native speaker translators and copywriters will consider it a pleasure to formulate directly in the desired target language.

In doing so, of course, they also take into consideration the cultural and regional circumstances of the country and the intended target group.

Our work itself has always been more convincing than
all the words that might be said about it. For twenty years.


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