Languages and Fields of Expertise

All the world’s languages and language combinations in outstanding quality

Our in-house team covers the major language combinations. All other languages are handled by the international pool of translators we have built up through many years of collaboration.

As a matter of principle, we only make use of native speakers, that is, translators who are at home in the target language and therefore not only have a command of its grammar and other linguistic details, but also allow the cultural environment of the target country to inform their translations. You can find more details on this under localization.

Translating means understanding.

All fields of expertise – from plant construction to civil law

Mahrt Fachübersetzungen offers professional translations for all fields, subjects and scientific disciplines, whether mechanical engineering or medicine.

Our translators are experts in their respective fields and often even have particular sub-specializations, as in medical technology or specific aspects of law. 

Our work itself has always been more convincing than all
the words that might be said about it. For twenty years.

Any sort of non-fiction texts

We translate any sort of non-fiction texts – from strictly formal patent applications to promotional press releases. Here are some examples:

Scientific texts (treatises, essays, monographs), legal texts (contracts, lawsuits, General Terms and Conditions of Business), utility models and patent specifications (patent applications, descriptions, claims, appeals), technical documents (manuals, specifications, functional specifications, risk analyses, design and production documents, guidelines for quality management), all types of economic texts (catalogs, advertisements, mailings, flyers, brochures), financial texts and financial statements, websites and software, apps and AdWords.

For all the departments in your company

For management, the minutes of a Supervisory Board or Management Board meeting.
For the finance department, a financial statement or annual report.
For the human resources department, a résumé or employment contract.
For the research and development department, a test procedure or inspection report.
For the design department, tender documents or a bill of quantities.
For technical documentation, operating instructions for software products.
For the legal department, a contract, patent application or utility model.
For the marketing department, a press release or website.
For your e-commerce, product feeds, apps and AdWords.

Translating means understanding.



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