To wrap it all up:
editing and proofing according to the dual control principle

Once one of our triple qualified translators (native speaker with technical knowledge and familiar with the cultural background) has translated a document, a second, equally qualified translator will countercheck the translated document, also with an eye to technical terms or cultural components.

Occasionally, proofreading also gets the two translators into a technical discussion. If necessary, a third party experienced in the field will also be called in. This can quickly turn dual into triple control or more.

Of course, the dual control principle comes into play more than once in the case of multistage translations, such as those done using DTP, since errors can sneak in at every stage.

Repeated control and proofing guarantees quality.

Ready-to-print version in the usual high quality of Mahrt Fachübersetzungen

When your document has passed through all stages of our process, we will supply you with a ready-to-print version in the desired languages. Giving us a source document that can be overwritten will also save you additional graphics work, since we can then maintain the layout as far as possible.

In the case of InDesign files, only the length of the language needs to be adjusted. Our DTP specialists will be pleased to take care of this, or we can provide you with a finished .idml file if you would like to do the foreign language typesetting yourself.

Our project managers, our native-speaking translators and our graphic designers
work hand in hand to give you the result you want. 


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