Learning is easier with moving pictures.

That’s why electronically supported learning (e-learning) is constantly growing in importance for internal company communication and circulation of information as well as for informing your partners, customers and users of your products.

It is for exactly this reason that we are addressing the translation and sound recording of such media separately here. We have extensive experience in the area of e-learning and have collaborated for many years with a wide range of companies.

Whether it is animations, simulations, web seminars, introductory videos on the use of your devices and products, the film-based presentation of work processes for your employees, customers and foreign subsidiaries – we ensure that picture and sound work together and that your audience understands everything correctly, regardless of language.

For this purpose, we develop learning materials that satisfy your interests or translate your e-learning media into the desired language, naturally taking cultural differences into account. Keyword: localization.

We are also at your side during implementation and provide speakers with appropriate voice characteristics to read your e-learning material in the desired language.

To give you the opportunity to personally decide which voice character is best for your product and goal, we provide you with a selection of suitable voices in advance.

Of course, the costs of each speaker are presented transparently in our offer. The decision is therefore completely up to you.

For the correct pronunciation of your company terminology or product names, you can send us a list with the corresponding phonetic transcription. You can also follow along with the voice recording directly via phone or Skype and thus ensure the correct pronunciation of company-specific terms.

Whatever knowledge you would like to convey, we will advise and accompany you personally from the first step to the last – in whichever language you choose.

We ensure understanding.


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