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The composition, effect, development, testing, production and dispensing of pharmaceuticals – one focal point of our work is pharmacy with all its sub-specialties of chemistry, biology and physics, combined with medical topics. We often translate texts related to:

  • Pharmaceutical biology (formerly known as pharmacognosy), which is concerned with the fundamentals of pharmacy, the use of biological sources – such as medicinal plants, drugs and their ingredients – as well as the foundations of molecular biology and genetically engineered medicines
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry, including the entire science of chemical structure and its relation to effect, synthesis, properties, stability and analysis (identity, purity, concentration) of active ingredients and excipients, as well as contaminants
  • Pharmaceutical technology, that is, the production of tablets, capsules, suppositories, liquids, etc. In this context, the interaction of the active ingredients with the excipients is significant, as in the pressing of tablets. Also important are the physical laws on which the measures taken to manufacture, stabilize and test pharmaceuticals are based
  • Pharmacology and toxicology, including physiology and pathophysiology as well as the effect of medicinal substances and poisons on the human body
  • Clinical pharmacy, such as clinical studies, patient description records, informed consent forms (ICF)

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