Long-term Customer Retention

We would like you to count on us in the future, as well.

For the past twenty years, Mahrt Fachübersetzungen has been personally managed by the owner, Diplom-certified specialist translator Janine Mahrt.
From the very start, personal, qualified and long-term relationships with our customers and their orders have been the foundation of our company philosophy.

To ensure this, the in-house team at Mahrt Fachübersetzungen consists exclusively of full-time, specialist translators with a Diplom or M.A. degree, headed by Janine Mahrt.

As soon as you contact our in-house team, one of our certified specialist translators will become your personal contact and advise you on all questions, from the secure transmission of your data up to the creation of a glossary when the translation is finished.
Therefore, you will always know who to turn to when you have a question or need a technical translation.

If you wish, your contact partner will make you an offer that will, of course, take account of everything you desire, such as language combinations and deadlines, etc.

When you have placed your order with us, your contact partner will be the project manager supervising your translation until it is finally delivered.
Of course, we appreciate technical aids and make use of the latest tools to ensure that you get a translation of the highest quality at the lowest price.

However, we do not rely on algorithms alone. After all, the most decisive factors are still the human beings: your project manager in consultation with yourself, and the translators and graphic designers involved in the project.

A good example of human expertise as the final authority is how offers made by translation memory tools are handled: In the end, the translator must decide whether the “match” is still correct and acceptable to be used in the new context.

In this age of the internet, a translation agency may no longer need postal addresses in various cities, but it still needs to have contact partners who can be reliably reached and are qualified by a professional degree to keep your project in mind at all times.

We are here to give you individual assistance.
In Hamburg and on all continents. And in person. 


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