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Production engineering, plant construction, drive engineering, construction technology, machine elements, mechanics, mechatronics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, materials and process engineering – our expert mechanical engineering translators are specialists in all sub-fields. We often translate texts related to:

  • Manufacturing processes in production engineering, such as primary shaping (for example, casting, sintering), forming (for example, forging, impressing, rolling, extruding, folding, deep-drawing, beading, crimping, bending, compressing), separating (for example, sawing, turning, milling, drilling, lapping, grinding), joining (for example, welding, soldering, gluing, riveting, screwing), coating (for example, lacquering, galvanizing, powder-coating, hot-dip galvanizing), changing material properties (for example, hardening, annealing) to manufacture or alter workpieces. The manufacture of finished products, such as machines, apparatus, tools, vehicles from blanks and semi-finished parts
  • Planning and designing technical machines and plants. Automation of plants. Interfaces to electrical engineering and electronics, such as metrology with desired and actual values, variables, gear technology
  • Automotive engineering with the sub-fields of driver assistance systems, driverless transportation, material handling equipment, chassis technology, vehicle electrical systems, bodywork, vehicle navigation, hybrid technology. Internal combustion engines, the functioning of various kinds of motors, such as gasoline engines, diesel engines and electromechanical converters, such as the electric motor (asynchronous and synchronous motors)
  • Air-conditioning technology, heating, cooling, cleaning, humidifying and dehumidifying air. HVAC control engineering, metrological and thermodynamic variables
  • Materials, such as metals (for example, iron and aluminum) and organic materials, such as wood and plastic (for example, thermoplastics, elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, thermoset or duromers, such as phenolic resins, aminoplasts, epoxy resins and polyurethane), inorganic, non-metallic materials (for example, ceramics or glass) or composite materials and their processing

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