Fields of Expertise

Professional translation of specialized texts with terminology management.

  • From architecture to mechanical engineering to zoology
  • Mahrt Fachübersetzungen provides professional translations for all fields of expertise, specializations and scientific disciplines, whether building, mechanical engineering or medicine
  • Our translators are specialists in their respective subjects and in some cases of their sub-areas, such as medical technology or law

Our experienced translators and native speakers provide you with professional translations suited to the respective fields and types of text: contracts, operating instructions, patent specifications, press releases, websites, tender documents, design approvals, EU directives, manuals, online help files, PowerPoint presentations, minutes/drafts and technical specifications.


Mahrt Fachübersetzungen specializes in the following fields of expertise, among others:

  • Architecture/building
  • Automotive
  • Electrical engineering
  • Renewable energies
  • Information technology (IT) and software
  • Life sciences
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Medical technology
  • Patent law/industrial property rights
  • Law and contracts
  • Social media
  • Business and finance

Our work itself is more convincing than all the words that might be said about it. 


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