Medical Technology

Mahrt Fachübersetzungen –
Your translation agency for medical technology

Electromedicine, radiotherapy, imaging methods, implant medicine and medical laboratory and analysis technology – medical technology with all its sub-specializations and related application procedures is a focal point of our work.
We often translate texts related to:

  • Medical and surgical instruments, such as stents, endoscopes, cameras, pumps, trocars, forceps, clamps, cannulas, needles and other medical devices
  • Equipment from the field of laboratory and analysis technology, such as autoclaves, incubation devices, microscopes, centrifuges
  • Medical technology accessories, such as suture material, tubes or webs for wound treatment
  • Surgical instructions and other technical texts from the fields of arthroscopy, gynecology, surgery, urology, which deal with the use of medical engineering instruments
  • Documents for validating medical devices, as well as risk and hazard analyses

Translating means understanding.


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