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Energy technology, telecommunications, installation engineering, metrology and semiconductor technology – one of our specialties is electrical engineering with all its sub-specializations. We often translate texts related to:

  • The generation, insulation, measurement, transmission, distribution and use of electric energy in the area of high-voltage and high-current technology, as well as low-voltage and low-current technology. The variables of voltage, current, resistance and energy, as well as their units of volt, ampere, ohm and joule. The transformation of voltage and current in power stations, as well as feed-in to the public grid
  • The conversion of chemical and heat energy into electric power and vice-versa, transmission and storage in (rechargeable) batteries, condensers, power stations. Heat storage, etc., as well as all forms of heat recovery in the area of heat engineering
  • The conversion of fuel into electric power (cogeneration of heat and power) in power stations. Combined heat and power systems, fossil raw materials like lignite and natural gas, and regenerative materials like pellets. Gas turbines, fuel cells and steam turbines for converting forms of energy
  • The functioning of coils, transformers, electric motors (asynchronous motor, synchronous motor), generators and other energy converters based on the laws of electromagnetism or induction
  • Circuit technologies and electronic components in power electronics, silicon semiconductor components, such as thyristors, circuit boards, printed circuits, sensors, microprocessors
  • Automation engineering with sub-fields such as control and switchgear engineering, programmable logic controls (PLC), process control systems, control engineering. The relationships between controlled variables, disturbance variables and reference variables, as well as the principle of recirculation (feedback)
  • Analog and digital technology, as well as transmitter and receiver technology in the field of telecommunications, sensors, sampling and conversion

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