Subtitles, voice-over or dubbing technology and effect

In Germany, Italy and Spain, for example, nearly all foreign-language films are dubbed. In other countries, however, subtitles or voice-over are preferred for reasons of tradition and cost. In many countries as well as on YouTube, for example, subtitles are the familiar form of translation. Viewers expect subtitles for one thing because they often have a certain command of the source language, such as English. They can simultaneously enjoy the sound of the original voices and the original information, while at the same time checking the authenticity of the translation, thereby giving the message greater credibility.

In addition, subtitles are relatively inexpensive because they can do without a speaker and a dubbing studio.

However, it is a challenge for a translator to compress the speed of the speech and the image speed of the original text into subtitles in the space provided to them without compromising the meaning.


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