Glossaries and Databases

A secure future for your technical and corporate terminology thanks to databases and glossaries

We will set up a database for you in every language combination. If you provide us with source files that can be overwritten, our translation memory tools will save all pairs in the source and target languages from the translation we made for you: word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. Hence, all the translated pairs in all the language combinations are linked to one another and can be accessed in the future.

Both technical terms as well as the terms preferred by your corporate identity or marketing department then have a permanent match in every other language.

We will be glad to keep this database updated and also add memory tool data from translations we did not do ourselves, if we are convinced that they are correct.

It will be our pleasure to compile a glossary for you based on this database. If we work for various departments in your company, such as research and development, legal and marketing, we can subdivide the glossary accordingly.

When you place a new order with us, our memory tools will look for matches in earlier translations, take these into account in pricing and later offer them to the translator. In the end, the translator decides whether the provided translation still fits in the current context.

We guarantee the consistency of your product and company language
beyond the limits of a single translation. 


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