Editing Documents Already Translated

If you already have a foreign language text, we will offer to check it for you and provide you with our complete service.

You may have a text that has already been translated or was originally written in the target language and you would like to be sure that it is correct.

You may have a machine translated text and would like to have it checked and corrected.

Or you may have spent so much effort poring over the text and delving into the subject matter that you would like someone else to take a fresh look at it.

In any case, we will offer you our proofing and correction services for any texts you may have to the same extent and in the same quality as if we had done the translation ourselves.

On request, we will also create a TM database for language pairs found to be correct, thus ensuring the continuity of your technical and company terminology.

We can offer you certainty by proofing and further developing
any foreign language texts you may have. 


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