Mahrt Fachübersetzungen will be pleased to advise you on the choice of the interpreting process and the best technology and provide you with suitable interpreters.

1. The interpreters we provide not only have the desired linguistic abilities, but are also familiar with the respective cultural environment, whether the language involved is Italian, Spanish or Portuguese, Polish or Russian, British or American English, French, Dutch or any other.

2. We choose interpreters who are also specialists in the topics and fields under discussion and have mastered the relevant technical vocabulary, whether in technology or mechanical engineering, IT or wind energy, software or architecture, automotive engineering or human resources policy, medicine or pharmacy, business or finance, marketing or controlling, law or patents, pharmacology or biology.

3. An important aspect of choosing an interpreter is the human factor: interpreting can be a very personal, individually structured situation. Very often, there is a great deal at stake and important decisions must be made.

That is why the chemistry between you as the client and your interpreter must be just right. You must be able to trust him or her and depend on his or her discretion and confidentiality.

Furthermore, an interpreter must also have a command of nonverbal communication, especially in the culture of the target language, which you may not understand. If you wish, our interpreters will be pleased to advise you on cultural questions related to conversation and negotiation.

In any case, even if the difference between the cultures appears negligible, a good interpreter must be able to empathize with all involved, with both parties and their perspectives. People differ, as do their interests.

Origin of the term “interpreter”

The word “interpreter,” meaning one who translates spoken languages, comes from the Latin “interpretator” (“explainer”) by way of Old French and has been used in this sense since the late fourteenth century. Hence interpreting refers to the oral transmission of content from one language into another. As our lives become increasingly international, the profession of mediator between various languages and their related worlds is gaining in importance daily.

However, our work itself is more convincing than all the words that might be said about it. 

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