Information technology (IT)

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Computer science, sensor technology, telecommunications and transmission technology, microelectronics and microtechnology – our professional IT translators are experts in all sub-specializations of information technology.
We often translate texts related to:

  • Software localization, databases, computer technology, networks, data networks, client-server solutions, system administration, internet, websites.
  • E-commerce, online-based content management, e-procurement, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), mobile commerce.
  • Telecommunications, that is, the exchange of data by means of electrical engineering, electronics, radio technology or other transmission techniques. Telecommunications networks, their operators (service providers), telecommunication solutions and their manufacturers (suppliers), as well as client-server structures.
  • Mobile communications, mobile data acquisition, radio networks, radio services for inland and maritime navigation, telemetry, radar systems.

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