Translations in TÜV-tested quality.

Our core competence is rendering first-rate technical translations in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17100 and DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards, certified each year by the TÜV Süd technical inspection agency.

Apart from aspects of the actual translations, these quality standards also define the technical and human resources of a professional translation, the protection of your data, and the procedures and quality control required for an optimal translation.

Keeping and transmitting your data securely is also part of our certification.


Our work itself has always been more convincing than all the words
that might be said about it. For twenty years.

Data transmission – secure, confidential, easy.

Of course, we treat your data, requests and orders as confidential and give them the highest level of data security according to the new Federal Data Protection Act.

All internal and external employees and service providers sign a personal confidentiality agreement, a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” (NDA).

We no longer organize our data transfer in emails encrypted in PGP (pretty good privacy), because we have found a preferable transmission method that is easier and more flexible for you to use:

You can drag and drop your documents directly onto our own server by way of an SSL/TLS file management system that meets the international ISO 27001 standard (information security management system). Therefore, the transmission of your data on the internet is guaranteed to be encrypted with 256‑bit AES SSL. This works very well, especially for larger amounts of data, and is decidedly easier to deal with:

All you need is a common browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera or other. We will send you the web address of our server, your username, your password and a brief set of instructions.

Then you can use an encrypted connection to log onto a section of our server, reserved for you and inaccessible to third parties, where you can upload your data and later download the finished files.

All file formats are welcome.

We can work with all common file formats, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat (PDF files), XML files, QuarkXpress, InDesign, FrameMaker, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

We will be glad to give you tips on which file format and transmission method make our work easier and thus keep costs to a minimum.

With us, your data are secure and in good hands.

Translations in TÜV-tested quality.

Apart from our in-house team of full-time translators, who do translations themselves in the most important language combinations, we also have a worldwide pool of specialist translators working for Mahrt Fachübersetzungen.

Our pool of translators is not some random database alleging thousands of “employees,” but a stock of translators for a wide variety of languages and specialties built up personally over the course of Mahrt Fachübersetzungen’s twenty years.

Translating means understanding.

Ideal structure for rush jobs and large orders.

Our combination of an in-house team collaborating successfully with a pool of external translators built up over many years is an ideal structure for large files and translations that must be finished in a short time.

Our in-house team will divide up the job into reasonable sections, distribute them to several translators, in various time zones if necessary, coordinate their collaboration and make sure they use consistent terminology.

Translation memory tools guarantee that all translators working in parallel use the same terminology.

Extensive and quick – quality at no extra charge


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