Dubbing means replacing all spoken portions of a film, whether speakers’ voices or dialogue, with translated passages that match the movements of the mouth (lip-synch) and the gestures in the original.

This gives rise to a version in a new language which, if the quality is high, can be so convincing that viewers get the impression of seeing a product created in and for their own language area. This enables dubbing to exert an especially emotional power of persuasion.

A translation made for dubbing purposes is extremely challenging. Not only must it take account of speaking lengths, rhythms, content and cultural adaptation, like a voice-over, it must also be capable of being read in such a way as to achieve an exact match with the gestures, facial expressions and lip movements in the original material.

Whether you are looking for subtitles, voice-over or dubbing, Mahrt Fachübersetzungen has translators who specialize in this sort of work, as well as partner companies and speakers to fulfill your wishes.

Subtitles, voice-over or dubbing – we always strike just the right tone.


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